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The purpose of this internet site is to give new perspective on the function of string instruments in the violin family.

This internet site will describe a specific verifiable arching structure. Over a period of the last five years, approximately 50 instruments were made (as of 2012) by different makers, all resulting with extremely good acoustical properties.

Under the caption Structural design, you may read about how an instrument was constructed regarding equal shape qualities with different bouts sizes. An arching shape is constructed that has congruent cross arc shapes in a fan-orientated structure on the upper and lower bout shapes.

Under the caption Design quality, you may read about the discovery of a unique framework condition, inside the arching shape, that has the stability for reaction. The framework divides the arching into sectors. This framework makes it possible to control decisive static and dynamic conditions on specific arching areas when the instrument becomes string loaded.

Under the caption Making the arching shape, instruction is given on how to construct the necessary templates in order while making the special arching shape with the unique framework.

Under the caption Controlling the dynamic, information is given from the author's experience on how to improve the acoustic quality by changing stress conditions. Changing stress conditions influences the quality of Operating Deflection Shapes (representing Modes of vibration), altering the sound quality.